Biodiversity Action Journalists

Biodiversity Action Journalists-The Gambia (BAJ-Gambia) is a professional journalists’ organisation, in environmental and natural resources advocacy. It was established in December, 2010, with the technical support of the department of Parks and Wildlife Management, ministry of Forestry and Environment, The Gambia. 

The idea came about after a study tour to Senegal, through a project called Niumi-Saloum Trans-boundary Biosphere project. Jointly implemented by Senegal and The Gambia the project is supported by IUCN and UNESCO, under the Man and Biosphere (MAB). 

BAJ-Gambia is a charity registered with the Attorney General’s chambers, ministry of Justice, The Gambia. It has a membership of seventy (70) practicing journalists, from print, electronic and online media in the country. BAJ-Gambia aims to raise public awareness on biodiversity in a bid to promote community participation in the preservation and management of the country’s biological and natural resources for sustainable use and benefit sharing. 


The environmental reporters in the country have seen the need to come together to form a common front to increase public awareness o the environment, for the fact that the country’s natural resources has been dwindling unprecedented due to anthropogenic activities such as bush fire, illegal logging, bad farming methods, over fishing exploitation and poaching among others.


- To undertake activities to raise awareness on the importance of conserving the biodiversity
- To promote and enforce the anti-littering bill
- Sensitize local communities on effects of environmental exploitation relating to farming
- To promote agro biodiversity conservation and crop diversification, for climate change resilient
- Create and activate environments newspaper columns/ Radio slots
- To promote agro biodiversity conservation and crop diversification, for climate change resilient
- Organize caravan, seminars, radio, television and press briefing on biodiversity and other environmental related issues
- To strengthen the capacity of the management committee on leadership managerial skills for effective management of the organization
- To partner and collaborate with relevant development partners in promoting environmental conservation programs
- To complement the efforts of government in promoting sustainable environmental conservation activities
- To influence policy makers for better policy frameworks
- Collaborate with partners to design and implement programs and activities of the organization
- To mobilize local and external resources to support the activities of the organization.

Our Mission

Encourage co-management system and promote benefit sharing policy for protection and management of the biodiversity resources.

Our Vision

To ensure that, communities custodian of the biodiversity resources are adequately informed to take charge of their rightful positions in protecting and conserving the natural resources.

Our Motto

Advocating for sustainable use of biodiversity resources
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